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Every software engineer codes, but coding isn't enough. The most effective engineers have mastered countless skills beyond coding.We built Taro to give you the inside scoop on building those skills, so you can get to that next level and become a truly great software engineer.We've worked for 17 years at top Silicon Valley companies. We've coached 44,000+ engineers through our community + YouTube channel.Taro is best suited for engineers at product-focused tech companies. This is the content + community we wish we had when we were working at Pinterest, Facebook, Robinhood, and PayPal.

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"Love it! This app is packed with pertinent information that's not so easy to come by. Rather than the same procedural docs reiterated over and over, it offers the behind the scenes how to's."
-- Spencer

"Alex and Rahul are everything that’s good about the tech industry. They have a wealth of knowledge and they share it so selflessly."
-- Jbzz01

"Best app for experienced professionals looking for upgrading their career. Thanks a ton to Alex and Rahul for their hardwork 🙏"
-- Rohit

What you won't find ❌

The best software engineers realize that nothing is black and white. Taro gives you the skills you need to find your answer to career issues. Here's what you won't find in Taro:

❌ "Best Programming Language To Learn in 2022"Taro is about methodology, not technology.
❌ "Take These Machine Learning Courses"You won't level up by learning to code in even more ways.
❌ "The #1 Company To Work For Right Now"Taro is for engineers, not recruiters.

Here's a taste of what Taro has to offer:

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If you're serious about growing faster, we're opening up 50 seats for Taro Premium.Taro Premium gives you career accountability, live access to Alex & Rahul, and a searchable database of career questions from other engineers. Best suited for interns + full-time engineers.Due to Taro's obvious benefits for both the employee and employer, most companies will reimburse the cost of premium through learning & development (L&D) budgets. You can use this template to request reimbursement from your company.

Taro Basics

✅ Bite-sized videos you can apply to your job
✅ High-level Insights from world-class engineering leaders

Taro Premium 👑

Everything in Taro Basics
✅ Two 1 on 1 meetings with Alex/Rahul for 1st 50 users
✅ Database of career questions + contextual advice from real engineers at top companies, organized by company and level
✅ Invitation to exclusive Taro Premium Slack
✅ Regular private live sessions breaking down more advanced SWE topics
✅ Watch all full session recordings

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