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David Pan

Ex-Vice President of Engineering

Rachel Zhao

Head of Search Engineering

Phillip Su

Ex-Director of Engineering

Igor Podkhodov

Senior Engineering Manager

Every Software Engineer Hits A Wall

Your manager wants more "impact" but you don't have the proper projects. You started at a new company, but you don't have enough support to understand the tech stack. We've been there too.➤ We've mentored 50,000+ engineers through our online tech learning community and YouTube channel.➤ We've gotten engineers from junior (L3) to senior (L5) at FAANG in < 2.5 years, 2x faster than the industry avg.We ramped up in 1 month switching jobs into top tier companies like Meta and Robinhood at L5+ levels.

Rahul Pandey

Rahul Pandey
Ex-Tech Lead at Meta, Pinterest

Alex Chiou

Alex Chiou
Ex-Tech Lead at Robinhood, Meta

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